Establishment of 3D CAD tool for Virtual prototyping at the Department of Textile & Apparel Engineering

3D clothing simulation has become an integral part of digital product development and, it generates smart workflow in mass production to cater personalized products. The virtual prototyping by 3D CAD systems provides an accurate representation of the fit of clothing based on technical inputs. In line with this digitalization, the CAD Laboratory- 1 has recently acquired 3D CAD software tools for virtual prototyping in fulfilling a long-felt need of the Department. This 3D CAD resource consists of three VStitcher workstations and thirteen Gerber AccuMark 3D workstations. The undergraduate students and postgraduate students will be able to master those tools within their academic curriculum in future. Further, this resource establishment will lead to excel links in collaborative Research and Development activities. Contact Dr Jayamali De Silva, Senior lecturer in apparel CAD teaching, for further details of this project. This project has carried out under the guidance of Head of the Department Prof. (Mrs) Samudrika Wijayapala.