Dr. Nandula Wanasekara was awarded an Investigator Driven Research Grant (Rs. 5 mil) by National Research Council.

Dr. N. D. Wanasekara has been awarded an Investigator Research Grant worth Rs. 5 million titled “Optimizing Wearable Triboelectric Nanogenerators for the Internet of Things (IOT)”. This is a collaborative Research Project with Dr. Ishara Dharmasena at University of Loughborough, UK.


This project establishes triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) research in Sri Lanka, a technology with a strong potential to power the next generation low power electronic related to IoT, 5G and wearable electronics, with applications in healthcare, communication, security and personal electronics. This project will result in the design and construction of autonomous self-powered wearable electronic system with low cost and high output power, presenting a promising new technology to Sri Lanka. These outcomes will undoubtedly provide the competitive edge in the next generation wearable technologies to the Sri Lankan textile and apparel industry with countless potential applications in IoT, 5G, and wireless sensor networks.