Book Launch - Dr. Ayesha Wickramasinghe

Dr Ayesha Wickramasinghe, a senior lecturer of Fashion Design and Product Development, Department of Textile and Apparel Engineering published a book titled ‘The Dress of Women in Sri Lanka’ sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under the publication grant scheme for ‘promoting science and technology publications’.  The dress of people of a country designates its authenticity and the dress of women is utmost decipherable. Twentieth-century dress variations of Sri Lankan women were extraordinary compared to the other centuries and influences were almost unknown and a little researched. This book is principally focused on evaluating the aesthetic values of female clothing during the 20th century and analyzed in view of the geographic, historical, patriotic, political, ethnic, caste and sexual interactions during the century by focusing on colonial, postcolonial and industrialization periods, dealing with a number of important arguments concerning female clothing approaches in the context of relevant fashion movements. This book makes an original contribution to the field, expanding the understanding of female clothing approaches, fashion behaviour and movements by exploring the phenomenon of fashion. Further, this book filled the gap of Sri Lankan female fashion that existed between the ancient and present periods.