Faculty of Medicine Welfare Committee

The Faculty of Medicine University of Moratuwa is the newest, fully functional medical faculty, in the state university system. There are currently 304 students in the faculty. There are no designated infrastructure facilities including hostels for students which causes significant financial hardships to students especially from an economically challenged environment as they have to “fend for themselves”. The first batch of students (2021 intake) have commenced their clinical training in Kalutara which has increased their financial burden.

The faculty is in the process of setting up a development and welfare funds to assist the students in their academic activities, meet shortcomings and develop the faculty. We are very grateful to you for any assistance you can provide the faculty to assist the development and progress of academic activities of the faculty. To facilitate the process of assisting students, a robust mechanism is in place to ensure a transparent and equitable process to support students, namely the Medical Students Financial Assistance Scheme or MSFAS. This scheme was developed in 2022 to assist students facing financial difficulties, who for one reason or another do not receive assistance through other existing schemes or who continue to have financial difficulties despite of receiving assistance. 

MSFAS is administered through the welfare committee of Faculty of Medicine, University of Moratuwa. Categories of students who may be considered for assistance under this Scheme include the following:

  • Students who are experiencing financial difficulties due to insufficient parental income 
  • Students from backgrounds where the “family structure” has broken down. 
  • Ill health of students or family members leading to drain on financial resources. 
  • Unexpected and/or new development causing financial strain.
  • Indebtedness of the parents such as long-term housing loans from recognized institutions.
  • Others – decided by the members of the committee on an individual basis. 

Prospective students are encouraged to apply though an online application. If you are interested in donating and if you wish to receive further information, please send us an email to: kdtdinupa@gmail.com

Furthermore, to assist the development of the faculty a Faculty Development Fund has been established which will be administered by the academics of the faculty.

We are very confident of your unstinted support.

We wish to express our sincere thanks in advance. Please contact the following for any clarification:

Dr Kishara Gooneratne – kishig@gmail.com
Dr Nadeeja Samarasekera - nadeeja_rpns@yahoo.com
Dr Nirohan Lokunarangoda - niroshan_loku@yahoo.com

Medical students financial assistance scheme

Two students from the first batch of Faculty of Medicine, University of Moratuwa, received stethoscopes which were donated by a well-wisher. The dean FOM Dr. Niroshan Lokunarangoda, The welfare committee chairperson Dr. Kishara Gooneratne, and other academics attended the event.

University of Moratuwa Faculty of Medecine

Ms. Zainab Shajahan receiving the Cardiology Littmann IV stethoscope and certificate in recognition of her outstanding performance in the First MBBS Examination, held on October 2022 

University of Moratuwa Faculty of Medecine


University of Moratuwa Faculty of Medecine