Department of Surgery and Anaesthesia

Department of Surgery and Anaesthesia is one of the main Departments of the Clinical Sciences Stream of the Faculty of Medicine of Moratuwa.

Main objective of the Department at its beginning is to involve in the undergraduate training and research in Surgery and Anaesthesia and it will be developed to the postgraduate training and research in next stage.

During the undergraduate training, students will get theory knowledge of Surgery and Anaesthesia in the Faculty of Medicine based in Kalutara. Clinical knowledge and skills will be developed during the hospital based Phase I: Pre-clinical training, Phase II: Clinical rotations and Phase III: Professorial appointments in the Teaching Hospital Kalutara, Base Hospital Horana and Base Hospital Panadura.

Teaching Hospital Kalutara will be developed with the University Surgical unit which will be well equipped with surgical wards, surgical ICU/HDU, clinics, modern Endoscopy, Laparoscopy and other minimal access and imaging devices. Undergraduate trainees will be trained to perform surgical procedures and minor surgeries and will get opportunity to see and assist in Surgical and Anaesthetic procedures in theatre.

Department of Surgery and Anaesthesia will work in collaboration with The Department of Medical Technology to train on modern high-tech developments with high fidelity manikin-based simulators, advanced computer assisted simulations and task-trainer simulations.