Ethics Review Committee


The Ethics Review Committee (ERC) of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Moratuwa, was established in March of 2022 in order to maintain ethical standards of research practice while considering the interests and needs of researchers and the integrity of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Moratuwa. Our goal is to contribute to the highest possible quality of scientific research while upholding the moral rights of all parties, as well as to play a role in capacity building in research ethics and ethics review among the scientific community. We review all types of research proposals involving human studies, reassuring all stakeholder groups that proper ethical standards are followed.

How we function

The ERC has been established in accordance with the by-laws of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Moratuwa, and functions under the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty, making decisions in accordance with the advice and recommendations from the Faculty Board. The Dean appoints members of the ERC on the recommendation of the Faculty Board every three years’ time. The ERC has developed standard operating procedures (SOPs) in accordance with the Forum for Ethics Review Committees in Sri Lanka (FERCSL) guidelines ensuring the functioning of the ERC meets the highest quality assurance.

How to Apply