Overview of the Curriculum

Curriculum Structure

The  UoM medical students will receive the  opportunity to gain experience in cutting-edge technologies used in clinical practice around the world including advanced imaging and diagnostic technologies and minimally-invasive interventions. High-end facilities will also allow training graduates from other medical faculties in high-tech clinical practice through postgraduate programmes. Its curriculum is outcome-based, integrated, iterative and student centered. 

Eligibility requirement (Entry Qualifications):  

As determined by the University Grants Commission (UGC), Sri Lanka for students who have sat  for Biology, Chemistry and Physics at the GCE Advanced Level Examination. 

Admission process 

GCE Advanced Level Examination ‘Z’ score-based selection as followed at present by the UGC. 

Proposed annual intake of students

Seventy students for the academic year 2021, with provisions to increase up to 100 annually. 

Programme Duration and Credit Load 

The MBBS progamme will be delivered through an academic calendar that comprises of  3 terms per year rather than 2 semesters per year. 

Programme Assessment Procedures/Rules

Students will be assessed both formatively and summatively, at regular intervals throughout the degree programme. In Phases I and II, continuous assessments will be held at the end of each term assessing the modules covered during the respective term. At the end of Phases I  and II, a main examination will assess the entire content of the given phase. The Final  Examination of MBBS at the end of Phase III, will assess all clinical subjects. Examinations will  assess knowledge, skills and attitudes. The end of Phase I examination will serve as a barrier  to enter Phase II. To be eligible to sit for the Final Examination of the MBBS, students should  have successfully completed the end of Phase II examination, the examinations of the  Community Health, Personal and Professional Development and Technology in Medicine  Streams.  

Graduet Profile

On completion of the M.B.B.S. Progra,, a graduet should be  able to perfomr the funtionas of a general practinoioner, a scintist and have establsihed values of professoionalism by achveing seven outocomes, formulated based on the subject benchmark statement for medicine published by the Committee of Vice Chancellors and Directores, 2014.

University of Moratuwa Medical Faculty