Department of Medical Technology

The application of technological knowledge, tools and systems to protect organisms from disease, damage or death can be identified as Medical Technology. In medical technology, scientific knowledge is practically applied to solve health problems. It offers prevention, diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, and care. 

At the Department of Medical Technology, we carry out teaching, research, consultancies and outreach activities related to medical technology. We are cooperatively working with the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa and many international universities. We offer an academic programme in Technology in Medicine for the MBBS students.  The programme includes Information Technology, Health Informatics, Medical Device and Instrumentation, Medical/Healthcare Simulators and Medical Technology Research.

To be the leading center of excellence for medical technology in South Asia 

To be the leading knowledge enterprise for medical technology in South Asia that develops highly competent, empathetic, innovative, and adaptive healthcare professionals through transformative education while conducting high impact research and contributing to national development