The Faculty of Information Technology is dedicated to conduct research to improve the state-of-the-art in Information Technology and apply the findings for uplifting the quality of life. The academic staff of the faculty has been at the forefront of theoretical and technological innovations related to various Computing and Information Technology aspects. Particular fields of research include: Multimedia Technologies, Networking, Big Data Processing, High Performance Computing, Software Engineering, Geographical Information Systems, Ontological Modeling, Multi-agent Systems, e-Government and e-Learning, Human Computer Interaction, System Automation, Intelligent Systems, Information Security and Affective Computing.

The Faculty of Information Technology established the following laboratories in order to improve the facilities to the research community of the faculty.

  • Postgraduate Research Laboratory
  • Multimedia Research Laboratory
  • Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory
  • Network Laboratory

The excellence of the research work carried out by the members of the faculty has resulted in a number of publications in research conferences and journals nationally and internationally, every year. Further, the faculty is currently conducting several researches funded by the National Research Council (NRC) and National Science Foundation (NSF). Moreover the faculty has also embarked on various nationally relevant research and development projects in relation to various aspects of Information Technology.

Information Technology Research Unit (ITRU)

Information Technology Research Unit (ITRU) of the Faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa, envisages to expand the horizon of ICT to contribute the knowledge discovery and inventions for the tomorrow’s world. The research unit also conducts the annual ITRU Research Symposium to promote research in the areas of Information Technology and allied fields.