About Us

The Faculty of Information Technology is the youngest of the three faculties of the University of Moratuwa and is the first ever faculty of its kind in the national university system of Sri Lanka. The Faculty was established in June 2001 to cater to the growing need of Information Technology professionals in the country. Presently, the Faculty conducts two internal degree programmes, namely, B.Sc. (Hons.) in Information Technology and B.Sc. (Hons.) in Information Technology & Management, and the Bachelor of Information Technology, the external degree programme.

One of the main objectives of setting up the faculty is to increase the number of IT professionals in Sri Lanka by at least another 500. Some of the other objectives defined during the establishment of the faculty are the introduction of postgraduate programmes, carrying out research programmes for the industry in order to solve technical problems, providing consultancies to the local industry and creating an educational environment for the continuous professional development of IT professionals in Sri Lanka.

Thirteen batches of students have been admitted to the Faculty for the internal undergraduate programme and out of these, 9 batches have already passed out after completing their studies successfully. The Faculty is conducting a Master of Science in Information TechnologyMasters of Science in Artificial IntelligenceMaster of Philosophy and Doctoral degrees as postgraduate programmes starting from early 2004. Also, a few professional development programmes have been designed to address the immediate needs of the local IT industry. The current undergraduate student population is about 600.

The Faculty is committed to continue to develop and expand its activities catering to the ever changing needs of the IT industry and to become an entity which both the students and the industry would look up to. 

The faculty consists of three departments of study, and each department is managed by the respective Head of Department. The three departments are, 

Presently, the departments collaboratively offer subjects for the degree programmes conducted by the Faculty. The relevant subjects of the programmes have been allocated among the three departments. Further, for the administrative purposes of the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, two divisions have been established with each division headed by a director. The Undergraduate Studies Division presently handles matters pertaining the academic affairs of the undergraduate study programmes of the Faculty. Students attendance monitoring and student feedback administration are also carried out by this Division. Matters pertaining to taught postgraduate programmes and research degrees are handled by the Postgraduate Studies Division.