The faculty consists of three departments of study, and each department is managed by the respective Head of Department. Presently, the departments collaboratively offer subjects for the degree programmes conducted by the Faculty. The relevant subjects of the programmes have been allocated among the three departments.

Department of Information Technology

Being the pioneer of the Faculty of Information Technology, the Department of Information Technology takes pride in offering both undergraduate and postgraduates Degree Programmes. These programmes are geared towards bringing people, information and technology together to create and disseminate knowledge for making a positive change aligned with national priorities.

The vision of the Department of Information Technology is to build a strong culture of research and teaching excellence that responds dynamically to the challenges of Information Technology in 21st century. 

Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) is one of the three departments of the Faculty of Information Technology. It offers subjects from other core disciplines such as Management, Marketing, Economics, Accounting, Law, English and non-technical subjects. The Department offers its course modules with the aim of enriching the undergraduates with business knowledge, communication skills and soft skills so as to improve their employability.

Department of Computational Mathematics

Department of Computational Mathematics offers course modules for the Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology & Management degrees conducted by the Faculty of Information Technology. The department offers course modules in three specific subject areas, namely, Mathematics & Statistics, Theory of Computing and Computational Intelligence. The course modules offered by the department primarily provide Mathematics and Statistics knowledge required for those degrees. More importantly, the Department offers modules in theoretically-based areas of computing and a wide spectrum of modules in Artificial Intelligence. Department of Computational Mathematics has also established the Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory to promote research at both postgraduate and undergraduate levels. In this line, the department conducts researches in broad areas of Cognitive Systems, Machine Learning, Multi Agent Systems, Ontological Modeling and Theory of Computing. At present three PhD and three M Phil degree students have been registered for their research degrees. These projects are conducted in collaboration with experts in local and foreign universities.