Bachelor of Science Honours in Artificial Intelligence



The main goal of the programme is to provide students with high quality, bachelors level education in the field of Artificial Intelligence. This programme offers students a conceptual and theoretical underpinning in AI, practical problem-solving skills, technical knowledge to design and develop intelligent solutions, effectively communicate the value of AI solutions for society, and engage in research and development in AI.

Programme objective:

The programme has been designed to:

  • produce highly employable BSc Hons graduates in the fast-growing field of Artificial Intelligence to meet the emerging global needs
  • improve the visibility of the University of Moratuwa as the trendsetter in launching the nation’s first BSc Hons (AI)
  • expand the horizon of the Sri Lankan software industry to embark on intelligent software development for the global market
  • effectively contribute to building the nation’s economy through foreign earning from AI software solutions
  • respond to the need for human resources in AI for all sectors including industry, academia, and entrepreneurs in the society
  • produce graduates as self-motivated, lifelong learners, ensuring continuous professional development in AI
  • effectively communicate the power of AI solutions for industry, decision-makers, policymakers, and society at large.
  • ensure a high level of professionalism and social responsibility by the AI graduates

Programme learning outcome:

The degree of BSc Hons (AI) produces graduates with in-depth knowledge in concepts, theory, industry applications and academic research in AI leading to devising symbolic and non-symbolic AI solutions for complex real-world problems exhibiting algorithmic and/or non-algorithmic nature in their behaviour. These graduates can visualize and conceptualize AI solutions for real-world problems that could not be solved otherwise, engage in self-learning, work in teams, secure high levels of professionalism, ensure ethical, legal, and social concerns in AI solutions, and effectively communicating about AI solutions to the society. The BSc Hons (AI) graduates are highly employable with the strength to expand the horizons of the Sri Lankan software industry and to secure foreign earnings to build the nation’s economy.

At the end of the programme, the student will be able to:

PLO1 - Recognize AI solutions for real-world problems that could not be solved by other techniques.

PLO2 – Critically analyze the symbolic and/or non-symbolic nature of knowledge in any complex real-world problem/system

PLO3 – Identify AI technologies suitable to model a real-world problem and to justify the most appropriate technology to devise a solution

PLO4 – Conceptualize, design, develop, validate, and evaluate AI solutions by ensuring ethical, legal, and social concerns of AI.

PLO5 – Communicate effectively about AI solutions with the clients, organizations, decision-makers and the society at large

PLO6 – Explore multifaceted employment opportunities in industry and academia by contributing to foreign earnings for the national economy

PLO7 – Demonstrate individual and team responsibility, and perform effectively as a member or the leader of a team while respecting the ethnic, social, and other diversities of the team

PLO8 – Practise positive attitudes, exercise initiative, demonstrate personal and social responsibility, accountability, and professionalism in performing tasks in the society

PLO9 – Evaluate own performance in terms of areas of strengths and areas requiring improvement, engage in self-improvement through independent studies, and prepare themselves for continuous professional development and life-long learning.

Graduate Profile

The graduate profile of the degree program has been derived with reference to program output. The knowledge, skills, attitude and mindset requirements of the graduate from this programme were identified in line with the SLQF and the graduate attributes of the University of Moratuwa. University of Moratuwa graduate attributes require Scholarship, Global Orientation, Lifelong learning, which would produce an innovative, creative, independent and adaptable graduate who is professional, ethical and socially responsible with good communication skills.

Accordingly, a graduate passing out with the BSc Hons (AI) is able to:

  1. Apply the fundamental concept of AI-based systems in modelling, developing, validating, deploying, and managing AI solutions and platforms to meet the business goals and objectives of organizations.
  2. Work collaboratively to integrate AI-related technologies to develop smart solutions to complex real-world problem while improving the effectiveness of the organization's functionality as well as community activities.
  3. Seek secure intelligently autonomous technical solutions without unduly adversely affecting the ability of users to accomplish their goals
  4. Become an entrepreneur for innovative AI-based solution development and creating AI-based job opportunities, making intelligent value addition for legacy software solutions.
  5. Conduct research in AI, validate developed algorithms/systems, generate and collect data, analyze data and interpret findings to build the body of knowledge in AI
  6. Communicate effectively with diverse audiences about technical information that is consistent with the intended audience and purpose.
  7. Demonstrate a high level of professionalism and responsibility in the working environment
  8. Ethically perform duties and be familiar with the various regulations that govern the development and operations of the technology platforms they maintain.
  9. Recognize the vision for life to demonstrate intellectual autonomy through the independence of thought, openness to ideas and information, and a capacity to manage their careers both for personal and professional development
  10. be a self-motivated and enthusiastic lifelong learner leading to continuous professional development