Master of Philosophy and Doctor Philosophy

Research degree programmes leading to MSc (Major Component of Research), MPhil and PhD degrees are introduced to undertake in-depth study in various computing areas with a particular emphasis on modern trends and the need of the country. Over the last years the faculty has been conducting research degrees in the following areas. Potential research degree applicants are expected to contact the Faculty and identify a supervisor to get directions about registering for a research degree (procedure is below). 

•    Anomaly Detection 
•    Artificial Intelligence 
•    Behavioural Genetics and Bioinformatics 
•    Behavioural Science 
•    Big Data Analytics 
•    Brain Computer Interaction 
•    Business, & Management
•    Cloud Computing and IoT 
•    Computational and Systems Biology 
•    Computational Mathematics
•    Computer Networks & Security 
•    Consumer Behaviour & 
•    Cyber Security & Intrusion Detection 
•    Data Science 
•    Deep Learning 
•    Educational Technology
•    Employee Branding & Behaviour Modeling 
•    Human Centric Computing 
•    Human Communication and Linguistics 
•    Image processing 
•    Learning analytics 
•    Machine Learning 
•    Multimedia systems 
•    Natural Language processing 
•    Online learning
•    Open Educational Resources 
•    Operation Research
•    Organizational Behavior 
•    Psychology of Gaming 
•    Psychology of Information Processing 
•    Recommender Systems 
•    Semantic Ontology Modeling 
•    Sensors and Digital Instrumentation 
•    Social Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation 
•    Spatial Statistics 
•    Theory of Computing 
•    Time series and Forecasting

For those who are interested in pursuing research degree at Faculty of IT / UoM, come join the programme.

Degree Duration: 

  • PhD - 3 years full time / 5 years part time
  • MPhil - 2 years full time / 3 years part time
  • MSc - 1 year full time / 2 years part time

There is no specific time of the year for commencement of a research degree.

How to apply: 

  • Instructions and Online application process access via,

(UoM web -> Online Application for Postgraduate Research Degree programmes) 

Refer the above UoM web link to retrieve the instructions on selecting supervisors, checking eligibility, application process, payment structure & graduation requirement. 



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