Now Our UOM users (both staff and students) are eligible to download the licensed Microsoft Office 365 Offline version to their devices through a paid educational subscription obtained for domain.

  • To obtain the benefit, please self signup via Office 365 Education Self SignUp.
  • You cannot merge this account with your existing (personal) MS account. If you have added your UoM email as the secondary email to your personal MS account remove it before proceeding to the next steps to avoid complications and to save time.
  • Enter your email address and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration for a Microsoft Account.
  • Once the account is validated, log in via
  • You will be able to use MS online services as well as you will be able to download MS office 365 offline setup files.
  • Install and sign in with Microsoft account credentials to one of the office products to activate the office software pack.
  • You will be able to activate up to five(5) packs with your login.
  • To get MS Project and Other MS Products, visit Other MS Products tab.


In case the self-registration fails, or you cannot download Office 365, please open a ticket via UoM IT Helpdesk. Make sure to upload a screenshot of the page upon ticket submission to serve you better.


Download other MS Products 

  • You can use the same credentials of the Microsoft Account You created previously to access MS AZURE and download other MS Products including MS Project and obtain licenses.
  • Log in to MS Azure via the link below.
  • You may require verifying your account once you entered MS Account Credentials for the MS Azure link. Read more about verifying your Account.

MS Products