Research Groups


  • Construction Management and Economics
  • Disaster and Crisis Management
  • Sustainability in the Built Environment
  • Construction Law and Dispute Management
  • ICT and Digitalization in Construction
  • Built Environment Education


1. Construction Management and Economics

Research Areas: Supply Chain Management, Construction Technology, Construction Health, Safety and Risk Management, Construction Performance and Productivity, Construction Project and Organization Management, Performance and Quality, HRM in Built Environment, Commercial Management, Professional Ethics and Conduct, Lean Construction, Strategic management, Construction Economy, Stress Management


2. Disaster and Crisis Management

Research Areas: Disaster Resilience, Disaster Waste Management, Pre and Post Disaster Management, Disaster Risk Management, Post Disaster Reconstruction and Resettlement, Marginalized Communities & Crisis Management


3. Sustainability in the Built Environment

Research Areas: Green Buildings, Green Retrofits, Energy Management, Sustainable Water Management, Sustainable Construction Material, Construction and Demolition Waste Management, Circular Economy, Carbon Accounting & Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

4. Construction Law and Dispute Management

Research Areas: Law of Property, OSH Law in Construction, Condominium Property Law, ADR Methods in Construction, Conflict Management, Dispute Avoidance, Law of Tort, Case Laws

5. ICT and Digitalization in Construction

Research Areas: IT Applications in Construction, Communication Systems, E-Procurement, E-business, E-learning, Digital Estimating, E-Tendering, Billing Information Modelling, Blockchain, Cyber Physical Systems, Cloud Computing, AI, Industry 5.0

6. Built Environment Education

Research Areas: QS Education, Learning and Culture, Knowledge Management, Training & Development, Interpersonal Skill Development, Stress Management, Ethics