Research Colloquium

BEMRU research colloquium is one of the major research activities undertaken by the department since 2008 to enhance its research culture. This is a monthly seminar held within the department where an academic staff member of the department or an external eminent academic gets an opportunity to present and disseminate his/her research. 

No Date Presenter Topic
1 04.09.2008 Prof. Malik Ranasinghe, University of Moratuwa Educated trade-offs (and stakeholder consultation) for decision making on development projects)
2 04.10.2008 Dr. YG Sandanayake, University of Moratuwa Development of a model for performance measurement in just-in-time enabled manufacturing environments
3 06.11.2008 Mr. HS Jayasena, University of Moratuwa Bid price variability in the Sri Lankan construction industry
4 04.12.2008 Mr. MDTE Abeynayake, University of Moratuwa Comparative study of environmental and planning and disaster management law relating to the construction industry in Sri Lanka for sustainable development
5 08.01.2009 Ms. T Ramachandra, University of Moratuwa Relationship between construction and economic growth
6 05.02.2009 Prof. R Rameezdeen, University of Moratuwa Contract interpretation: Readability of contract documentation
7 12.03.2009 Mrs. GI Karunasena, University of Moratuwa Capacity building for post disaster building waste management
8 31.03.2009 Mr. CSP Fernando, University of Moratuwa Power of univariate asset pricing tests: The case of Sri Lanka
9 14.05.2009 Mr. Ravihansa Chandrathilaka, University of Moratuwa Effects of horizontal focus on structures with special reference to floods and tsunamis
10 18.06.2009 Prof. Dilanthi Amaratunga  & Dr. Richard Haigh, University of Salford, UK Good proposal writing for research funds
11 16.07.2009 Dr Bingunath Ingirige, University of Salford, UK Intranets for knowledge management – Integration and alignment with social networks
12 10.09.2009 Dr. KAK Devapriya, University of Moratuwa Housing Finance with finance companies in Sri Lanka
13 30.09.2009 Prof. George Ofori, National University of Singapore Leadership Research in Construction
14 05.11.2009 Dr. Sepani Senarathne, University of Moratuwa Knowledge Management Research in Construction
15 15.12.2009 Dr. Chatura Ranaweera, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada Research and Prospects in Marketing Research in North America
16 07.01.2010 Prof. Srinath Perera, Nortumbria University, UK Content Analysis
17 11.02.2010 Mrs. BAKS Perera, University of Moratuwa Construction Project Risks: A Consideration of Contractors’ Pricing in Sri Lanka
18 02.03.2010 Dr. Asanga Gunawansa, National University of Singapore New Developments in Construction Law in Asia-Pacific
19 01.04.2010 Mrs. Nayanthara de Silva, University of Moratuwa Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Applications in Risk Analysis
20 18.05.2010 Archt. Ravihansa Chandrathilake, University of Moratuwa Sustainability guidelines for Buildings in Sri Lanka
21 07.09.2010 Dr. KAK Devapriya, University of Moratuwa Hotel Real Estate Finance in Sri Lanka
22 25.11.2010 Mrs. Anuradha Waidyasekara, University of Moratuwa Application of QFD to Enhance the Customer Satisfaction in Residential Apartments
23 15.03.2011 Prof. Mike Kagioglu, University of Salford, UK Future of FM
24 23.05.2011 Prof. Paul Bowen, University of Cape Town, South Africa Research Methods
25 4.08.2011 Dr. Kaushal Keraminiyage, University of Salford, UK Application of BIM in Quantity Surveying Field
26 8.09.2011 Dr KAK Devapriya, University of Moratuwa Infrastructure Finance in Sri Lanka
27 21.10.2011 Prof Ajith De Alwis, University of Moratuwa Industry, University and Research
28 03.11.2011 Prof Lalith De Silva, University of Moratuwa Architectural Space as Manifestation of Design Concepts
29 05.01.2012 Dr. Bingunath Ingirige, University of Salford, UK Case Study Research
30 02.02.2012 Prof. Janaka Ruwanpura, University of Calgary, Canada Top Ten Targets to Improve Construction Productivity
31 17.02.2012 Prof. Janaka Ruwanpura, University of Calgary, Canada Research Guide to Improve the Quality of Academic Research
32 10.05.2012 Dr. Gamini Weerasinghe, University of Moratuwa Writing Research Proposals
33 15.08.2012 Prof. Janaka Ruwanpura, University of Calgary, Canada Developing the Research Culture
34 09.10.2012 Prof. Chanaka Jayawardhana, Loughborough University, UK Ranking, Reputation and Research
35 01.11.2012 Dr. Dilanthi Amaratunga, University of Salford, UK "What is FM?"
36 01.11.2012  Mr. Suranga Jayasena, University of Moratuwa Introduction to 'Cost X'
37 07.03.2013 Dr. K.A.K Devapriya, University of Moratuwa  Retail real estate market demand in Sri Lanka 
38 24.09.2013  Dr. Thayaparan Gajendran, University of Newcastle, Australia Identity of Researchers: Philosophical Dispositions & Operational Realities of Designing a Research Approach 
39 26.11.2013  Dr. Andrew Ross, Liverpool John Moores University, UK research methodology (Case study method) 
40 19.06.2014  Dr. Niraj Thurairajah, Birmingham City University, UK Curriculum design and feedback: providing higher levels of cognitive complexity 
41 26.06.2014  Dr. Mohan Siriwardena, Liverpool John Moores University, UK Defending Your Thesis 
42 25.11.2014 Dr. Andrew Ross, Liverpool John Moores University, UK Bidding, Supervising and Publishing
43 21.03.2015 Prof. Anita Liu, The University of Hong Kong Research Methodology 
44 29.07.2015 Dr. Udayangani Kulatunga, University of Salford, UK Research Methodology
45 15.12.2015 Dr. Sepani Senaratne, Western Sydney University, Australia Conducting Research
46 05.01.2016 Dr. Mohan Siriwardena, Liverpool John Moores University, UK Applying for higher degrees, interview & defending the thesis
47 16.03.2016 A/P Thayaparan Gajendran, University of Newcastle, Australia Research Design: A Research Higher Degree Perspective
48 26.04.2016 Prof. David Proverbs, Birmingham City University, UK Flood Risk Management: Impacts, Recovery and Adaptation
49 14.12.2016 Dr Usha Iyer-Raniga, RMIT University, Australia Post Occupancy Evaluation of Buildings
50 20.12.2016 Dr.Yasangika Sandanayake Workshop on "Advancement in Academic Career and Enhancing Research"
Ch.QS. Indunil Seneviratne
Ch.QS. Kanchana Perera
Dr. Thanuja Ramachandra
Dr. Sachie Gunathilake
Dr. Anuradha Waidyasekara
Dr. Chandanie Hendiwattage
University of Moratuwa
51 04.03.2017 A/P Thayaparan Gajendran, Newcastle University, Australia Guest Lecture on " Literature Review"
52 27.07.2017  Dr. Mohan Sriwardena, Liverpool John Moores University, UK Research Methodology: Research Philosophy
53 05.08.2017 Dr Chaminda Pathirage, Salford University, UK Research Philosophy
54 12.09.2017 Dr Micheal Dignan from Robert Gordon University, UK Discussion about a collaborative research on maintaining the concept of Building Heritage, particularly in Megaprojects/Megapolis
55 04-15.12.2017 Prof. Geoffrey Qiping Shen, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK Value Management Workshop
Guest lecture on “Value management research and its developments”
Discussion with BE academic staff and postgraduate students on “Future research prospects”
Guest Lecture on “Publishing in high-end scientific journals” for UoM academic staff
Guest lectures on “Research methodology” to academic staff and PG students in the university
56 03.07.2018 Prof. Peter McDermott, Salford University, UK Application of Case Study Research
57 13.12.2018 Ms. Achini Shanika, University of Moratuwa Characteristics of Aim and Objectives
58 17.12.2018 Ms. Biyanka Ekanayake, University of Moratuwa Development of the Research Problem
59 21.02.2019 Mrs. Piumi Dissanayake, University of Moratuwa Mock Viva on Exploring Safety Culture Maturity of Small and Medium Scale Raw Rubber Processing Enterprises in Sri Lanka
60 21.03.2019 Mr. Tharindu Karunarathne, University of Moratuwa Development of Conceptual Framework for Research
61 30.052019 Mr. Tharindu Karunarathne and Ms. Nimesha Jayasena, University of Moratuwa Using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) for Data Analysis
62 20.07.2019 Ms. Fathima Sabrina Nazeer, University of Moratuwa Delphi Method
63 25.07.2019 Dr. Kanchana Ginige, Northumbria University, UK Thematic Analysis
64 11.01.2020 Prof. Koshy Varghese, Indian Institute of Technology Madras Construction Management at Indian Institute of Technology Madras: An overview an on - going research
65 17.01.2020 Prof. Bingunath Ingirige, Salford University, UK Critical Thinking in Research.
66 14.05.2020 Dr. Aparna Samaraweera, University of South Australia Philosophical Position and the Generalisability of Case Study Research Findings
67 18.06.2020 Dr. Thanuja Ramachandra Academic Letters, Memos and Meeting Minutes Preparation
68 31.07.2020 Dr. Meneha Thayaparan Good Practices for Zoom Online Delivery
69 15.12.2020 Dr. Thanuja Ramachandra Assessment of demand and supply of Sri Lankan Quantity Surveyors 
Prof. Udayangani Kulatunga  Career Adaptivity: The Effective Adaptation of Quantity Surveyors to Changing Demands 
70 26.01.2021 MS. Mahendrini Ariyachandra
(Ph.D. Candidate)
Digital Twinning of Railway Overhead Line Equipment from Airborne LiDAR Data
71 27.01.2021 Dr. Thanuja Ramachandra Turnitin for Better Academic Writing
72 25.02.2021 Dr. Ashan Asmone Development of a Bayesian Based Design-for-Maintainability Decision Support Framework
73 27.07.2021 Dr. Maggie Hardman Academic writing
74 23.09. 2021 Dr. Tharusha Ranadewa Writing a scientific article: A step by step guide for beginners
75 27.10.2021

Dr. Uthpala Rathnayake and

Ch QS Indrani Wimalaratne

Indexed journal: What does it mean?
76 18.10.2022 Ms. Biyanka Ekanayake Delphy Technique for data collection
77 14.12.2022 Dr. Anushika Ekanayake Research Scope and Limitations
78 26.01.2023 Dr. Nawodana Rodrigo Blockchain for construction industry: Applications and future research dirctions
79 27.06.2023 Dr. Christaline Wijekoon Virtual Reality Applications and Emerging Research Trends in Built Environment Studies
80 01.07.2023 Assoc. Prof. Samad Sepasgozar Examining the future landscape of Quantity Surveying with Digital Twin, AI, Cloud Computing, and Mobile Technology
81 14.12.2023 Assoc. Prof. Niraj Thurairajah  Supporting Students through Transition