Students are selected for the BSc in Chemical & Process Engineering (CPE) course on the basis of their performance at the first year first semester examination and their individual preferences. Up to 2009, the number of admissions to the department was restricted to 50 students and it is expanded to 80 from 2010. In the CPE degree program, three minor specialization streams are offered from the 2009 intake onwards, to the students after completion of their second year of study. They are,

- Environmental & Energy Engineering

- Polymer Engineering

- Food & Biochemical Engineering

Students also have the option of following the chemical & process engineering degree program by selecting subjects without any minor stream specialization. Our degree program is being regularly revised to match the needs and demands of both the students and their future employers. A systematic approach is available for students to acquire necessary knowledge and skills during their stay in the department.


Program Educational Objectives

  • To produce graduates who pursue challenging careers, with skills to analyse and provide solutions in energy, environmental, food, polymer and other related industries and emerging areas with an appreciation of the role of Chemical Engineering in the society
  • To produce graduates who pursue advanced studies in Chemical Engineering and related disciplines.
  • To create engineering leaders with a global focus, displaying entrepreneurship skills.


Curriculum of B.Sc. Engineering Honours Degree Programme