Consultancy Services

The department is at all times approached by the industry to seek solutions for their problems and to assist in enhancing their performance. Department might act like a third party in assisting them while sometimes directly engaged in the research and development work under a contract with the interested party. Students who are enthusiastic in engaging in these work might have a chance to work with the academic staff and gain valuable knowledge and experience.

Field Visits

The department arranges field visits for the students to visit the industries and get an insight into the processes and working environment. This allows the students to expand their knowledge and experience which otherwise would be limited to lectures and books.
Among the most recent field visit destinations are,
• Lakvijaya Power Station, Norochcholai
• Phoenix Industries Ltd., Makandura
• Lanka Sugar Company, Sewanagala
• Nestlé Manufacturing Facility, Pannala
• Lion Brewery PLC, Biyagama
• Haycarb PLC (Virtual tour during COVID-19 pandemic)