JUXTAPOSED-Magazine launch on Major Design Project 2018 and Student Forum by B.Arch. 15’ Batch


The magazine launched for the first time in the Department of Architecture- University of Moratuwa, displaying the student work in the level III- MDP (Major Design Project) is titled to be “Juxtaposed”. The gist of the heading implies the evaluation of intangible design concepts and their realistic spatial outputs performed by each student under their individual projects. Students forum organized complimentarily to the magazine launch event is oriented on sophisticating fellow students on the expected output of an MDP in terms of design approaches, key requirements of conveying a design and presentation standards to be maintained in critique materials.

The level III- Major Design Project is the design examination that qualifies Architecture post- graduates for the in- plant training program where they are exposed to the firsthand ground practice experience. It starts with a CGA (Context Generated Architecture) project reviewing a particular township which was Kalutara for the MDP 2018. The township is researched group wise and brought up with master plan proposals to develop the local context to accommodate several projects which were as follows in the MDP 2018.

  • Railway station
  • Public market
  • Contemporary art museum
  • Performing arts center 
  • Beach hotel
  • Sports complex

The variation of schemes presented by the students were quite profound, hence the satisfying evaluation from the jurors led into this attempt of publishing a magazine comprising their designs. The event would be held on- 5th of January, 2019 at the department’s new wing. The event brings out design project related presentations, sessions by department year persons and entertainment programs followed by magazine launch to the public. The endeavor of the event’s founders- Architecture 15’ batch would henceforth be implemented annually, vivifying the department’s event calendar.