Employment Opportunities at NLP Centre, UoM

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Employment Opportunities at NLP Centre, UoM

The National Languages Processing Centre (NLPC) at Moratuwa expects to receive a Rs. 55M grant to develop a high-quality translation system for government and other documents. The project includes both a research component and a software devops component. Our research comprises machine learning, natural language processing and big data. We focus on Sinhala, Tamil and English as well as other languages. Software development and operations are on PHP, JS, LAMP, etc. The academic team comprises Prof. Jayasena, Dr. Surangika, Dr. Uthaya and myself plus Prof. Coperahewa from University of Colombo.

We have opportunities for the following, to start work in January 2019.


1. Full-time PhD and Masters students - machine learning and natural language processing.

An attractive stipend will be paid. PhD students are expected to spend two periods in a good foreign university, and may receive a joint PhD with an Australian or other university. The MSc option may suit those planning to go for a PhD in 2020. Students are expected to present papers foreign conferences.


2. Full-time research engineers - in systems development and operations.

Salary will meet or exceed industry standards. Engineers have the opportunity to do a masters at UoM or elsewhere and also engage in some research and publication. Conference travel may also be available.


3. Contract software development and systems operation - for start-up companies

This will be a good opportunity for those looking for a stable source of income for their start-up company.