Impression of China: Cloud Tour of Chinese Architectural Culture

Impression of China: Cloud Tour of Chinese Architectural Culture is a “Chinese Bridge” Delegation Online study camp project hosted by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education and organized by Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology. The project aims to meet the needs of overseas students to learn practical Chinese and experience Chinese architectural culture through Chinese language lessons and Chinese architectural cultural events.

UMCSAWM-UoM 6th Intake (2020/2022)

The International/Regional MSc/PG Diploma in Water Resources Engineering and Management program is conducted by the UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Center for South Asia Water Management at the University of Moratuwa in partnership with the Department of Civil Engineering and South Asia Foundation (SAF). Both local and South Asian water engineers practising in water resources/floodplain management, irrigation, and drainage fields are accepted into the program. The sixth intake (2020–2022) of the program, which included 11 full–time SAF scholars from different South Asian nations and 12 local participants, recently came to a satisfactory completion.

MERCon 2022 - Moratuwa Engineering Research Conference

The 8th international conference, Moratuwa Engineering Research Conference (MERCon) 2022 organized by the Engineering Research Unit was successfully held in virtual mode from 27th to 29th July 2022.

The conference programme included 151 papers selected from 299 submissions. Total of 944 authors from 19 countries have submitted papers to MERCon 2022. This is the highest number of paper submissions in the history of the conference which is a significant milestone.

Signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the University of Moratuwa (UoM) & the Blue Lotus 360 (Pvt) Ltd

With the objective of allowing the Faculty of Business undergraduates to learn ERP systems as a part of the curriculum, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the University of Moratuwa (UoM) and the Blue Lotus 360 (Pvt) Ltd on 28th July 2022. The MoU was signed by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Moratuwa - Senior Prof. N. D. Gunawardena and the Chairman / CEO of the Blue Lotus 360 (Pvt) Ltd - Mr. Nadarajah Uthayakumar.

Progress meeting and workshop of EUSL Energy project held at University of Twente, Netherlands

Europe Sri Lanka Capacity Building in Energy Circular Economy (EUSL Energy) Project is funded by Erasmus+ Capacity Building in the field of higher education. The project partnership includes University of Moratuwa, University of Peradeniya, University of Ruhuna and Open University of Sri Lanka as local partner universities, and Royal Institute of Technology of Sweden, Centrale Supelec of France, and University of Twente of Netherlands as European partner universities, and “Learnify”, “Future Learn” and “Explore Energy” as other educational partners. The main objective of the project is to establish a new online joint MSc program ‘MSc in Energy for Circular Economy’ that gives its graduates the knowledge, skills, creativity, competences, and business-perspective to solve the future energy-related challenges in the country in an environmentally and financially sustainable manner.

The Renewable Energy Microgrid Pilot Project and the Smart Grid Research Laboratory

The LECO Microgrid Pilot Project is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka. It consists of a solar photovoltaic system, a lithium-ion battery energy storage system, and a diesel generator as the energy resources. The capacity of the solar photovoltaic system is 350 kW, and the battery energy storage system is 400 kWh. The backup diesel generator capacity is 630 kVA. In addition, the microgrid powers three buildings on the campus with integrated remote load control capability. With these distributed energy resources, the system can operate independently during power outages with the help of an automated control system. Apart from the microgrid pilot, this project established the LECO – UOM Smart Grid Research Lab, a research and development facility with state-of-the-art equipment from reputed manufacturers. The lab houses solar PV systems, battery energy storage systems, controllable loads, and measurement devices that can be used in cutting-edge research and development.

Prof. Jagath Manatunge wins CVCD Award for Most Outstanding Senior Researcher

Prof. Jagath Manatunge from the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Moratuwa has received the prestigious “Most Outstanding Senior Researcher in the field of Technology and related Sciences, including Engineering, Architecture, Quantity Surveying and Information Technology” offered by the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Directors Sri Lanka (CVCD). CVCD awards are the most prestigious and once-in-alifetime awards given once in two years to the most prolific academics in Sri Lanka to honour their outstanding contributions.