Katha Baha (Online) with Dr. Deshai Botheju

Dr. Deshai Botheju is an Advisory Consultant in Safety & Sustainability Engineering, a Researcher, an Author and a Senior Engineer in Chemical Engineering sector who is also an alumni of the DCPE. He recently joined one of DCPE iconic event, Katha Baha on the 17th September 2020 to share his experience and especially his safety insights to the recent maritime accident involving the MT new diamond VLCC. Katha Baha is traditionally a face to face event, however, since DCPE is operating under new normal procedures due to Covid-19 pandemic, we thought for a change to the Katha Baha program as we have done with most of other programs including postgraduate courses. Zoom facility provided by LEARN helped our students to connect with Dr. Deshai who is resides in Norway with no cost on their internet charge.