Katha-Baha with Dr. Mayuri from Deakin University, Australia

At Dr. Sanja Gunawardena’s invitation Dr. Mayuri Wijayasundara visited the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering (DCPE) on 12th June 2019 to participate with “Katha- Baha” program. Dr. Mayuri Wijayasundara is an alumnus of DCPE and currently serving as a lecturer and a consultant in Deakin University, Australia. She has her research expertise and interest in developments leading to implementation of circular economic initiatives. As a chemical and process engineer and a chartered management accountant, she combines the knowledge of process engineering, sustainability economics and finance/supply chain management/strategic management disciplines in order to develop and assess initiatives leading to a circular economy.  Her published work so far has been centred on developing and validating methodologies for conducting multi-criteria analysis to evaluate complex alternative strategies relating to industry uptake of sustainable alternative materials. Following a successful career as a business professional for over 8 years with work experience in Australia and internationally, Mayuri brings her experience in the industry to combine with it her expertise in research in this area.