Life After CPE

Milk Powder Industry and DCPE

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Eng. Hasitha Jayawardena is one of our alumni members. He joined milk industry just after the graduation and got passionate about the industry. He works hard to promote Sri Lankan milk industry, to reduce milk powder importation and popularize Sri Lankan milk brands. We recently had a webinar with him and we would like to share the video with all of you. You  can see “How Chemical Engineers graduated from DCPE is contributing to milk powder manufacturing in Sri Lanka” on this video.

Opportunities in Sri Lankan Chemical Industry

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Eng. Tissa Liyanage is one of senior chemical engineers in Sri Lanka. He had focused on core chemical engineering discipline since his graduation from DCPE. Presently he is the General Manager of Paranthan Chemical Industries. In this webinar presentation he elaborates the chemical industry in Sri Lanka and how chemical engineers practice in that industry.  

AI & Chemical Engineering


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AI is a buzz word in tech industry these days. Are you interested to see how a chemical engineer can start his journey with AI? Then see this video by Dr. Bandara Dissanayaka, one of our alumni, from P&G Singapore is describing his experience with AI.

Our Alumni & Postgraduate Research

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Some of our graduates choose postgraduate research as their career path. During this webinar, Ms. Rochelle Silva, a research student in Singapore discuss her life as a postgraduate student. This discussion will give you a clear picture on what our students do in research industry after graduation and how they enjoy life.


Kalindu from HKUST

Kalindu Fernando is one of our recently graduated alumni members. Soon after graduation he joined the department as a graduate instructor and after briefly serving the department, he got a prestigious Hongkong government fellowship to conduct his postgraduate research in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Hongkong University of Science and Technology. In this “Katha Baha” session he described why he selected DCPE for his bachelor degree and how he motivated to do research while studying in here with us.

Rochelle from NTU

Rochelle Silva is one of our recently graduated alumni members. She worked as a graduate instructor and a contract lecturer in the department after her graduation. Then she secured a PhD scholarship to follow her postgraduate study program in the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. In this recorded speech, she describes her experience with DCPE and how she studied with us and decided on choosing research as her next move.