Unit Operations/ Pilot Plant Laboratory

Unit operations are the basic physical operations of Chemical Engineering. The Unit Operations Laboratory of the department is well-equipped to conduct both laboratory-scale and pilot-scale experiments, allowing students to gain hands-on experience with the fundamental principles and practical applications of chemical engineering.


Lab in charge:             Dr. (Mrs.) RMDS Gunarathna

Technical officers:      Mr. H.P. Mahendra

                                    Mr. BARD Abeywardana

Lab Attendant:            Mr. Viranga Somarathna 

Equipment list:

  • Apparatus for determination of Heat loss from Bare and Lagged Pipes.
  • Multi-effect evaporator.
  • Continuous Crystallizing System.
  • Filter Press Apparatus.
  • Boiler.
  • Centrifugal Pump.
  • Reverse flow Cyclone separator.
  • Canning Pouch Retort.
  • Packed Bed and Fluidized Bed Chamber.
  • Bubble Cap- Simulation tray.