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Students’ Life

Studying Chemical & Process Engineering at University of Moratuwa is a unique experience. Well, if you've heard that the work is hard, that's quite true. But with our friendly and helpful academic staff and students, it is a pleasure to be here. The department not only encourages and promotes the students to associate with professional institutes and various societies and associations but also it encourages and facilitates many extra-curricular activities and sports activities, in order to enhance students’ knowledge and soft skills as a prospective professional.

Student activities

The Department of Chemical & Process Engineering in collaboration with the Chemical Engineering Students Society (CHESS) offers a variety of opportunities annually for life outside the department. Annual General Meeting is a precious occasion for the members of the CPE family to interact with each other. “Yaye Padura” is another foremost event annually functioning at the department courtyard with glorious musical spills.

Chemical Engineering Conference (ChemECon), which has the primary objective of bridging the gap between industry and university research and innovation arena, accelerates the innovative students in the CPE family. The department also organizes “Exorior”, which is another cheerful event which provides a prodigious platform for our CPE members to develop their leadership skills, creative thinking, and interpersonal skills.

The mind cannot achieve its maximum performance without a healthy body. The annual interactive sports event of the department of Chemical and Process Engineering is the “CPE Sport Fiesta” that brings all the joys, bonds and freedom for all the members of CPE family