Undergraduate Courses


The department offers a variety of undergraduate modules catering to varying degree of career objectives for the students in the B.Sc. Engineering and B.Sc. Transport and Logistics Management courses.

In the first semester all the engineering students take same modules which give them to decide what they really like.

Details of the curriculums offered for 2011 Batch onwards and 2020 Batch onwards are given below.


Curriculum offered from Intake 2020 onwards

Curriculum of B.Sc. Engineering Honours Degree Programme - Department of Mathematics


Module Outlines
Minor in Mathematics offered from Intake 2020 onwards

A Minor in Mathematics is designed to deepen the mathematics knowledge of an engineering student who has an extensive interest in Mathematics. From Intake 2020 onwards students have an opportunity to earn a Minor in Mathematics as an additional qualification.

A Minor in Mathematics is awarded if a student meets the following minimum requirements.

A student must follow

  • MA2014, MA2024, MA2034, MA3014 and MA3024,
  • At least one module from MA40xx and at least one module from MA41xx or MA42xx




Curriculum offered from 2011 batch onwards

Module Outlines