About us

Mathematics occupies a core intellectual position at University of Moratuwa, an institution that is well known for its leadership in Engineering.

The course contents of the mathematics courses offered by the department have been continuously upgraded, taking onto consideration the needs of the various departments offering technical subjects. This led to formation of the syllabus which covers the following general areas within mathematics such as

  • Analysis
  • Multivariate calculus
  • Mathematical methods
  • Differential equations
  • Numerical methods
  • Applied statistics
  • Linear algebra
  • Operational research
  • Computational mathematics
  • Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic

The detailed course contents of these areas have been designed with the specific aim of achieving the following:

  • Enabling students to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes in relation to mathematics.
  • Giving students experience of mathematical activity and investigation, to develop resourcefulness in solving problems for which ready-made methods are not available.
  • Giving an adequate mathematical basis to recognize its significance to other disciplines and appreciate its value through application.
  • Developing students understanding of mathematical reasoning, processes and the ability to relate different areas of mathematics to one another.
  • Provide students with broad concept of principal branches of mathematics.

The department consists of qualified staff with many years of teaching experience and with research interest in the area of Operational Research, Applied Statistics and Mathematical Computing. Many statistical and mathematical software packages are installed in the departmental computing laboratory.

At present the department offers M.Sc. and Postgraduate Diploma taught courses in Operational Research, Financial Mathematics and Business Statistics. And research degrees leading to M.Phil and Ph.D in diverse field in Applied Statistics and Mathematics.

The department also provides Statistical Advisory Services to (Experiment and Survey Design, Data Analysis and Interpretations) and mathematical advisory service for university community.

There is a Mathematical Society under the guidance of Department of Mathematics. All engineering students are encouraged to join and actively participate at this society.