The National Languages Processing Centre (NLPC) was established in 2017 to consolidate the natural language work at the University of Moratuwa and other institutions over the past 20 years. Our objective is to fully enable the use of current and future computing and communication technologies in Sinhala and Tamil, the national languages of Sri Lanka. Our centre comprises a team of experts, research students and staff from several institutions.

Our work ranges from basic research in computational linguistics for Sinhala and Tamil, to key applications in human language technology for the two languages, as well as English. We make use of cutting edge technologies, and tailor them according to the needs of our local languages.

Our focus is to develop language and linguistic resources that will aid the progression and applications of computational linguistics of Sinhala and Tamil. These tools are made publicly available, in the expectation that it would further research for our local languages.

Our flagship product - SiTa - is a Computer-Assisted Translation System for the translation of documents from Sinhala to Tamil and vice versa, and has been used in several institutions since 2018. NLPC recently launched an enhanced translation support system, SiTa Version 2 for translation between Sinhala → English and English → Sinhala.


Partner Organizations


University of Colombo


  Sri Lanka     JPura Kalaniya

Department of Sinhala, University of Colombo

Ministry of National Coexistence, Dialogue and Official Languages, Sri Lanka

Department of English,
University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Department of Linguistics,
University of Kelaniya