The SiTa Trilingual Translation System was adjudged Winner in the Government and Citizen Engagement category in the e-Swabhimani 2021 Digital Social Impact Awards . The Awards are organized annually by the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka, and this year’s awards ceremony was held on 7th March 2023 at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute.

SiTa is developed by the National Languages Processing Centre at the University of Moratuwa. It assists human translators to quickly and accurately translate official government documents between Sinhala, English and Tamil. The system was developed with the assistance of the Department of Official Languages and the Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development (AHEAD) Operation of the Ministry of Education funded by the World Bank.

The system has been pre-trained with in-domain data and then fine-tuned with parallel data from the web and a larger quantity of official documents. It now provides accurate translations for many phrases in official documents. I incorporates trilingual glossaries from the Dept. of Official Languages.

The SiTa system is currently being used by translators in the Department of Official Languages and several other government institutions, the University continues its research and development work to improve it further.

For more information, please call 077 216 3628 or e-mail sita@uom.lk.