The Department of Languages of the University of Moratuwa was established in March 2016 with the main objective of effectively addressing numerous language needs of a broad spectrum of students and others keen on enhancing their language skills. Prior to its establishment, it functioned as the English Language Teaching Centre of the University and primarily provided language-related services to enable new entrants switch to English as their sole medium of instruction. In view of the growing language needs of different cohorts of students, it was felt that an academic department rather than a teaching center could best meet these needs.

The new Department will continue to further expand the programmes conducted by the English Language Teaching Centre and introduce new programmes aimed at meeting the language skills development needs of all those who may require our services. Marking the department’s reach to the entire University, we extend support on language solutions to all the faculties. The Department at present offers Sinhala for Tamil speaking students and Tamil for Sinhalese students as a third language while Japanese and Chinese are offered as foreign languages in addition to English, the second language. 

Catering to the expanding English language needs of the undergraduates and in alignment with the aim of enhancing graduate employability where prospective employers frequently identify effective oral and written communication as essential skills, the Minors option in two aspects of English is proposed for students in the Faculty of Engineering. These options are available under two orientations: English Literature and English for Academic/Professional Purposes.