Academic Staff

Diverse in expertise and experience, the academic staff of the Department of Languages is committed to shaping the future of our undergraduates by imparting a wide spectrum of knowledge and skills to enable their productivity and versatility in the world of work.

Although facilitating undergraduates to pursue their academic activities in the English language remains the foremost priority of our department, we constantly strive to nurture within them, a desire to acquire both vernacular and foreign languages, a sensitivity for literature and creative writing, and an interest in gaining competencies in academic, professional, journalistic and technical language-related skills.

Our staff comprises both visiting and permanent faculty. Visiting faculty includes over two dozen expert language teaching practitioners who function under the coordination and guidance of the permanent faculty.

Head of Department

Sanath Gunawardena (Senior Lecturer)

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Prasanna Rathnayake (Senior Lecturer)

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Sandamali Gamage (Lecturer – Transitional) – On study leave

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Osanka H. Rathnasiri (Lecturer – Probationary)

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Kanchana Bandara (Lecturer – Probationary)

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