futureWe are located in the heart of the university premises in the upper floor of the ‘Sentra Food Court’ reserved for the Department of Languages.  

The Department at present delivers skills enhancement programmes in English, Sinhala, Tamil, Chinese and Japanese languages and also conduct testing relevant to the competency levels of all these languages.

A wide variety of modules aimed towards enhancing English Language skills is offered. Tailor-made skills development programmes in English are made available on request. 

A main objective of the Department is to extend its services to the delivery of the 08 most spoken languages in the world in addition to the official languages of Sri Lanka. 

We are assisted by a reputed visiting academic faculty from other universities of Sri Lanka.


    Our vision is to be constantly innovative in providing undergraduates with the language skills needed to excel academically and professionally


   The Mission of the Department of Languages is to provide high quality instructions on language skills relevant for academic and professional purposes, to the undergraduates of University of Moratuwa  and to  the professionals at large,  through tailor made course  modules that address specific needs.

Reach us on either of the following:

Telephone:   +94112640497

Extension:     3060/3061

Email:                    head-lang@uom.lk