Senate Decisions on PG Programs

507th meeting of the Senate on 24th February 2021

Extending the maximum duration by one year

1. Considering the difficulties faced by the students due to Covid-19 pandemic, the maximum duration of all PG programs ( Both research and taught) is increased by a period of one year

2.This one year includes the already granted 3- months freezing period (14/03/2020 to 13/06/2020) for the research degrees and 5 months freezing period (14/03/2020 to 13/08/2020) for the taught courses/programs.

3. This extension is valid for the degrees/programs/ courses whose date of commencement is on or before 13th March 2020 and whose maximum duration has not expired by 13th March 2020

4.In addition, this extension will also be given to all PG students whose date of commencement (DOC) falls within the year 2020

504th meeting of the Senate on 20th December 2020

Restrict course module change

1. Not to allow the students to change course modules after the registration unless the reasons are beyond the control of the student. This decision is to be effective from 01.12.2020.

503rd meeting of the Senate on 21st October 2020

Award form submission to SHDC

1. Award forms of PG Degrees should be submitted to the Senate through the Senate 
Higher Degrees Committee (SHDC) 

2. Director / QA will be a member of the SHDC 

491st meeting of the Senate on 18th December 2019

Degree duration changes and inclusion of RC to the final examination panel

1. Changes to durations of research degree program

2. Inclusion of the RC in the final examination panel

490th meeting of the Senate on 20th November 2019

Procedure for re-examination 

1. Procedure for re-examination of research degree candidates
2. New admin procedures for PG taught courses

3. Extensions to duration of research degree programs due academic work interruptions in April/May and Sept/October 2019

a. Easter Sunday incidents: To consider any extensions requested by candidates on a case-by-case basis. Applicable only to any deadlines that fell during the period 21.4.2019 - 5.5.2019 and for candidates who have not exceeded their maximum duration by 19.4.2019.

b. University TUA (Sept/Oct 2019): To grant an extension of 1 month to all research degree candidates who have not exceeded their maximum duration by 9.9.2019.