Ph.D Awards in 2018 Convocation
Name Thesis Title Department
Bandara R.M.P.S. Optimizing Energy Consumption and Indoor Air Quality of Buildings Through Buildings Envelope Elements Using Combined Energy Simulation, Generic Optimization and Computational Fluid Dynamics Mechanical Engineering
Hettiarachchi H.A.C.K. A Theoretical Packing Model to Determine the Optimum Aggregate Composition in Interlocking and Concrete Block Pavers Civil Engineering
Kusumsiri S.A.N.S. Factors influencing success or failure in Entrepreneurship in creative Fashion Industry Management of Technology
Madusanka D.G.K. Vision Aided Task Planning and Control of a Trans-Humeral Robotic Arm Mechanical Engineering
Muthugala M.A.V.J. Development of an Interactive Personal Robot Assistant for Disabled/Elderly in Domestic Environments Based on Experience Based Learning Electrical Engineering
Raveendran K. The Importance of Fluidization Parameters for the production of Quality Black Tea at Higher Effectiveness Chemical and Process Engineering
Samaraweera A.U.A.A. Project Culture of Government Building Construction Projects in Sri Lanka Building Economics
Sugathadasa P.T.R.S. Supply Chain Management as a Vehicle to Achieve Organizational Strategic Objectives Transport and Logistic Management
Witharana W.A.U. A sustainable Solution to Management of Oil and Grease from Food Industry Wastewater and Kitchen Waste Civil Engineering
M.Phil Awards in 2018 Convocation
Gunarathne A.N.C.K.W. Identification of a Theoretical Basis to teach Creativity in Architectural Education Architecture
Kannangara S.M. An Augmented Reality Surgical Simulator for Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
Matharaarachchi A.I.G.K. Prediction of Temperature Rise in Concrete Due to Heat of Hydration of Cement Civil Engineering
Nanayakkara K.A.D.S.A.   Mathematics
Perera K.G.U. Development of a Customizable production Line Layout Planning System for Sri Lankan Fast Fashion Apparel Industry Textile and Clothing Technology
Rathnayake R.M.N.U. Management of Business Ethics in Apparel Industry Context of Employee Behavior and Working Condition Building Economics
M.Sc Awards in 2018 Convocation  
Arshad S.M. Condition Monitoring of Metal Oxide Surge Arresters at Power Distribution Electrical Engineering
Colambage D.P. Assessment of Cost of Unserved Energy for Sri Lanka Electrical Engineering
De Silva L.H.M. Gene Function Prediction Using Evolutionary K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm Computer Science and Engineering
Gunarathna A.A.S.U.   Civil Engineering
Gunasekera C.L. A 3D Mode of Human Ejaculatory Ducts Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
Hettiarachchi L.G. Study of the Effects of Binding Agents on the Properties of Compost Pellets Chemical and Process Engineering
Jeewanthi N.K.B. Developing a Four Stage Transport Demand Estimation Model using Mobile Network Big Data Transport and Logistics Management
Jayasooriya V.W.P.    
Manamperi W.N. Enhancing the Wi-Fi Direct Protocol for Vehicular ad-hoc Networks Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
Pathirage S.S. Value Addition to Local Vein Quartz in Producing Industrial Grade Silica Earth Resource Engineering
Perera W.S.U. Development of Fast and Bouncy Cricket Pitches in Sri Lanka Civil Engineering
Srimal P.H.D.A.S. Development of an Intelligent Vision Enhanced Multimodel Human-Robot Interaction for Service Robot in Domestic Environment Electrical Engineering
Sudusinghe J.I. The Interrelation between Economic and Social Dimensions in the Sustainability of Supply Chain: A case of Apparel Industry in a Developing Country Transport and Logistics Management
Weerasinghe A.S. Impact of Sustainable Features on the Life Cycle Cost (LCC) of Green Buildings in Sri Lanka Building Economics
Wickramarathne S.D. Experience based Adaptive Vocal Interaction System for Domestic Service Robots Electrical Engineering