Sumanadasa Building

Sumanadasa Building

The Sumanadasa Building, named after Mr L H Sumanadasa the founding father of the University at Katubedda, is now the home of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, the Department of Electrical Engineering. It also houses the office of the Dean, Faculty of Engineering. It is the home of all the Departments of the Faculty of Architecture, and in it's early days most Departments of the Faculty of Engineering were also housed here.

It's location can be seen in the Aerial photograph of the University.

An Aerial View of the University of Moratuwa



1_Sumanadasa Building 2_Applied Science Building 3_Students Hostels 4_L-Block 5_Textile Building 6_Civil Engineering Complex 7_Library 8_Administration 9_Chemistry/Physics 10_Mechanical Engineering 11_Marine 12_Pavilion 13_Arthur Clarke Institute