Bachelor of Science of Engineering Honours Degree in Electrical Engineering




The programme of study leading to the award of the BSc Engineering Honours Degree consists of eight academic semesters. The undergraduate programme in Electrical Engineering specialisation starting with Semester 2 will introduce you to the fundamentals of Electrical Engineering theory in Semester 2 and gradually from Semester 3 through 5 you will be learning how to apply the theory to core areas of Electrical Engineering such as Power Systems, Electrical Machines and high Voltage. Further, you will be acquiring the principles of Electronics, Telecommunications and Computer Science during the same period.

The Electrical Department regularly revises its curriculum and syllabi in keeping with the standards of teaching excellence followed by the University of Moratuwa. Thus the contents of its programme is kept up to date and made to serve the needs of the country and students in preparing them for a future career in Electrical Engineering.

The objectives of the undergraduate program are,

  • to produce Electrical Engineering graduates for more effective and efficient utilisation of energy through better management in the new century.
  • to improve the relevance of the undergraduate program in solving practical problems faced by modern industry.
  • to possess the knowledge needed to be in the forefront of current advances in areas of technology related to electrical engineering, such as green energy technologies.
  • to enhance the creativity and innovativeness of the graduates.
  • to improve the professionalism of the graduates and to elevate the quality of life of the society.


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