Prof. Udayanga Hemapala assumed duties as the Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering

Published on
2021/01/05 - 13:23

The department warmly welcomes Pof. Udayanga Hemapala, new Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering. The department held a small ceremony to welcome the new HoD and to celebrate the dawn of the new year 2021.
The Council of the University of Moratuwa appointed Prof. Udayanga Hemapala to succeed Prof. Sisil Kumarawadu as the Head of the Department with effect from 1st January 2021. We congratulate him on the new appointment and wish him a very successful career in the department.
We would like to express our appreciation to the former Head, Prof. Sisil Kumarawadu for serving the department for three years in his capacity as the Head of Department. We thank him for giving a good leadership to bring the department to a higher level and for taking timely actions to develop the department in many aspects.


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