Completion of PhD degree by Chapa Sirithunge

Published on
2021/07/08 - 16:30

Department of Electrical Engineering congratulates, Dr. Chapa Sirithunge, for successful completion of Doctor of Philosophy degree under the supervision of Prof. Buddhika Jayasekara. This is the Second PhD of the Intelligent Service Robotics Group (ISRG), Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Moratuwa. Her research, “Framework for Adaptive Human-Robot Interaction Initiation for Domestic Environments”, was conducted using the Moratuwa Intelligent Robot (MIRob) platform developed by the ISRG. It is commendable that she has achieved more than typical international level of research outcome in Robotics field with an exceptional list of publications. Furthermore, we would like to thank her for the hard work in improving the state of art facilities in service robotics and guiding the junior students of service robotics group of the Department during last four years.   


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