Final Year Projects

Final year Design Project is a compulsory module and completed during the semesters 7 & 8. The group size for this module is normally 4. Projects are proposed by the senior academic staff and the students make their preferred selection.  However students may also suggest alternate project titles for approval.  Each project group is supervised by the proposer of the project. Some of the project ideas originate from the electrical engineering industry and jointly supervised by practicing engineers.

Module Coordiantor: Dr. W. D. Prasad.


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 Second Year design Projects

Engineering Design Module in Semester 3 helps develop teamwork, innovation, choice of materials, market survey skills, pricing and marketing skills and manufacture through a simple design. The creative engineering design process is brought out in students by participation in design groups of about 10 students. Each group isolates a significant engineering problem and then proceeds to demonstrate feasibility through the actual construction of a prototype.

Module Coordinator: Prof. K. T. M. U. Hemapala


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Undergraduate Projects