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Why MBA at MOT- University of Moratuwa

Careers change. Industries change. The world changes. A business education can be a valuable investment for your own future. And, the right learning experience yields value in numerous ways that go well beyond the monetary aspects. And, you’ll build a powerful network of accomplished, inspiring colleagues that will continue to sustain you, long after your final class. 

Exponentially more than a resume enhancement or a means to an end, your MBA experience at MoT will shape your entire career and transform your life. It will prepare you to navigate the unprecedented economic, social, and other complex changes the future will certainly bring.

Learning at MoT – University of Moratuwa

Our reputation is hard-earned. MoT offers unparalleled opportunities that will help you launch a meaningful career and make an impact.

Our pool of expert lecturers are knowledge creators who rigorously pursue research at the leading edge of their fields. And they’re passionate about developing the next generation of business leaders.

A Personalized Experience

Our intimate class sizes support close peer-to-peer interaction, small-group collaboration, and one-to-one coaching. You can pursue coursework and experiential learning opportunities in specific areas such as management of technology and entrepreneurship. 

•    MBA in MOT

In recognizing the vital role played by management of technology and the demand for the professionals in technology management in the present industrialized society,  the Department of Management of Technology, University of  Moratuwa, offers the Masters of Business Administration (MBA)  in Management of Technology.

MBA in MOT is not just Another MBA. This two year degree programme is designed to inculcate skills required to operate effectively in a dynamic technological and business environment. This course will support to manage technology assets strategically for competitiveness and sustainable growth.

Sixteen (16) course modules including Project Management, Strategic Management, Technology Management, Innovation and R&D and Business Process Management are delivered by experts from both academia and industry in a dynamic and interactive style.

As apart of MBA program every student gets the opportunity to take part in an unforgettable and invaluable OBT programmes.
MBA in MOT - Course Structure  

•    MBA in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is one of the key drivers of an economy. Individuals with entrepreneurial mind create wealth and majority of jobs in the economy. Therefore, fostering a robust entrepreneurial society will maximize not only the individual success but also the collective economic and social success on a local, national, and global level.

Recognizing this importance, MBA in entrepreneurship  programme is designed to create entrepreneurial atmosphere while nurturing capabilities such as negotiation, networking, idea generation, innovation, leadership, decision making and risk-taking which are essential for a successful venture creator

In addition, experience sharing with successful entrepreneurs is expected to give the ground breaking strength to the potential venture creators. The degree was specially created not only for existing & potential entrepreneurs but also any person who seek entrepreneurial knowledge & skills for their career success.

Teaching & learning model of the programme goes beyond facts and theories of class room. Student empowerment considered to be the foremost objective. Active and interactive teaching methods are commonly used with student involvement. Special guest lectures/field visits/ research seminars are used as supplements to the topics that are covered in main subject areas with case study approach.

MBA in Entrepreneurship- Course Structure  

•    Research Degree Prpgrammes

For those who are interested in pursuing postgraduate studies by research, the Department offers, MSc, MPhil, and PhD degrees in Management of Technology.