Department of Management of Technology

The Department of Management of Technology (MOT) at the University of Moratuwa was established in 1998 to meet the growing demand for Technology Management education and training programs in Sri Lanka. As the sole academic department within the university system dedicated to addressing Technology Management needs, MOT plays a crucial role in fostering expertise in this dynamic field. While originally associated with the Faculty of Engineering, we have recently become an integral part of the Faculty of Business. Today, we offer the Business Process Management (BPM) specialization as part of the Bachelor of Business Science (BBSc.) Honours degree program.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in both our teaching and research programs, focusing on the intersection of business processes and technology management. By choosing MOT, you will not only keep pace with the evolving landscape but also become a catalyst for change. The education provided here empowers you with knowledge, skills, and a forward-thinking perspective that drives innovation and fosters growth. 

In addition to our undergraduate program (, MOT offers high-quality postgraduate education (, including Master of Business Administration (MBA in Management of Technology & MBA in Techno-Entrepreneurship), Postgraduate Diploma in Management of Technology, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. degrees through research, and industry-oriented short courses. We are also open to tailoring short-term training programs based on industry requests.

Our department thrives on collaboration, a cornerstone of our values. Through robust partnerships with industry and other academic institutions, we actively contribute to the economic growth of Sri Lanka. Join MOT, were collaboration fuels innovation and drives success.