“In a world in which engineering theories had been in practice for over a hundred years, and in a world where engineering has exhausted most of its resources, the future of engineering is held in one last hope, which is the development of materials science and engineering. Therefore, to become a materials engineer would be the most reliable means of securing yourself the best opportunity for an internationally recognized carrier”.


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Becoming a centre of excellence in higher learning, research, industrial consultancy and other relevant activities in Materials Science and Engineering..


To be a centre of excellence in Materials Science & Engineering by providing opportunity.

  • For undergraduates and postgraduates to acquire specialized knowledge on the development and processing of engineering materials with attention to economic and environmental aspects while studying design, management and information technology

  • To conduct high-quality research to cater for national development

  • To provide consultancy services to the public and private sector in specific and society in general

Your Mission

In an era dominated by the voice of information and communications technology (ICT), the role of the Sri Lankan manufacturing industry is often heavily underrated by the youth seeking professional qualification as engineers. The engineering employment opportunities in the sri lankan industrial sector easily exceeds the supply by the engineering higher education institutions and majority of the job opportunities are in the manufacturing and construction fields. The sri lankan industry is increasingly recognizing the secret of success of their counterparts in the developed nations, which is the introduction of materials science and engineering into their industry. Materials science and engineering will have to be an integral part of the Sri Lankan industrial sector, for it to survive the international competition.

Even now we are one of the leading producers of highly employable graduates in the University of Moratuwa.  We, therefore invite you as well to join hands with us and be a part of the prosperous  future in the Sri Lankan industrial sector.

Be a Holder of the Key to the Future of Engineering

Department of materials science and engineering at the university of Moratuwa  could be your gateway to a highly rewarding career. We offer the correct blend of courses which will empower you to choose a career in the Sri Lankan industrial sector or to lead you towards a high end career, either in research through the study of quantum mechanics, thermodynamics and physio-chemical kinetics, together with the concepts of engineering design,  to be a developer of nanotechnology, sensory devices or additive manufacturing technologies and materials (e.g. 3D printing).  If such is your aspiration, our degree program will be your inspiration.