Who We Are

DataSEARCH is a multi-disciplinary research centre at the University of Moratuwa. It aims to engage in research in data science, engineering, and analytics. The centre envisions fostering collaboration amongst academia, practitioners, private sector and public sector to conduct cutting edge research that will enable the centre to harness the power of big data to catalyse data-driven decision making in both the private and public sector in Sri Lanka. In order to engage and promote research in data science engineering and analytics, the group would also conduct workshops and other activities to create awareness among students, faculty, and the local industry that has the potential to gain a competitive advantage by engaging in the science, engineering and the analytics of data.

Research Areas at a Glance

The following list is a quick overview of the areas within which our group members conduct research projects.

  • Ride Sharing & Vehicle Routing
  • Human Mobility
  • Mobility On Demand Systems
  • Transport Analytics
  • Opinion Mining     
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Agricultural Yield Forcasting

Find out more information on our workshops, seminars, and talks on Youtube;