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Hydrogel Based Insoles for Diabetic Feet

Investigators: Dr. Pujitha Silva, Dr. Thilini Gunasekara, Eng. Ruwan Udayananda.

The Healthcare Need: Diabetes affects 10% of Sri Lankan population, and 5% of the Sri Lankan population are affected by foot ulcers. 15-20% of foot ulcers in diabetic patients lead to lower limb amputation.

The CEBI Solution: This project uses hydrogel based insoles in footwear, as a solution for diabetic foot ulcer prevention and management. The inclusion of hydrogel insoles in footwear helps reduce stress and pressure experienced in the foot, and reduce the risk of diabetic ulcer formation. The developed insole can also hydrate existing wounds, promote healing, and reduces the risk of pain and infection

The product will the first of its kind in Sri Lanka.

Current Project Status:

  • Groundwork research is completed.
  • Hydrogel has been developed (funded by an NSF grant)
  • Partnership with DSI to develop footwear with insoles
  • Project funding secured by RIC Grant by AHEAD (World Bank)

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