Collaborative Research Seminar with Imperial College London

The Center for Biomedical Innovation hosted a Collaborative Research Seminar which showcased research conducted at the Imperial College London and at the University of Moratuwa on topics related to Injury Biomechanics with a particular focus on lower limb fracture injury mechanics. The seminar was held at the Department of Electrical Engineering Seminar room on the 26th of November, 2018.


The speakers of the day included, Professor (Col) Jon Clasper, Dr Spencer Barnes, and Dr Michael Bertaume from Imperial College London and Thiran Sellahewa, Achintha Iroshan, and Dinesh Kumara who are PhD students from the University of Moratuwa working under the NIHR funded PrOTeCT project, a collaborative project with Imperial College London.

CEBI hosts 'Celebration Evening'

The Centre for Biomedical Innovation hosted 'Celebration Evening' an event to commemorate the first year of operations as a Centre, engaging its' collaborators in academia, engineering, medicine, and corporates.

The session was conducted on the 31st of October, from 6.30 pm onwards at the Mirror Hall, PIM Colombo. The program witnessed a mixed audience including the centre's collaborations in academia, engineering, medicine, and the corporates, student innovators, and the centre's project and advisory teams.

Following a progress review of the session's achievements in the past year, an interactive and engaging panel discussion was hosted by Prof. Saroj Jayasinghe and Dr. Anjula Silva, centre team members in-charge of collaboration, on how the centre can move forward in 2019 and beyond.

Welcome address by Dr. Travis Perera    The audience

The session was helpful in strengthening the relationships fostered within and beyond the centre.