Fully- funded MPhil Position

Sustainable product packaging

 Sustainable product packing through life Cycle thinking: providing Triple Bottom Line Decision Support and Guidelines

Unsustainable Packing Practices are one of the leading problems in today’s world. leading to Unnecessarsary resource consumption, increased waste generation, environmental pollution, and an overall negative impact on ecosystems. Unnecessary plastic and other material usages can be seen in packing for various applications, due to various reasons including aesthetics, poor strength Calculations, etc. The goal of this study is to develop a life cycle thinking-based decision support Framework and standardized guidelines for sustainable product packaging. The developed framework and guidelines will have national and international significance as they can inform the manufacturing sector on the optimum modes of packaging and can also assist the policymakers in developing regulations and guidelines for controlling the current unsustainable industrial practices via mandates.

Supervisors - Dr. J.R Gamage and Dr . H.P. Karunathilaka 

How to Apply

Please Email your CV with an expression of interest to Dr. J.R. Gamage 


Deadline - November 15, 2022

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Dr. J.R. Gamage (+94112650301, EXT: 4531) 

Dr. H.P. Karunathilake ( +94112650301,  EXT: 4532)

Sustainable Product Packaging through Life Cycle Thinking: Providing Triple Bottom Line Decision Support and Guidelines