undergraduate students' FAQ




How do I register for the academic year?

Once you are informed to register for the academic year, you shall go to the Examination Division along with your student record book to get registered for a particular academic year.

Check the UGS website and the noticeboard for announcements.

How do I register for modules?

For registration details you may refer the User Manuals for Module Registration. For further details you may contact Undergraduate Studies Division (ugs-it@uom.lk).

What is a prerequisite or co-requisite module?

prerequisite module means a module that a student must have followed prior to enrolling for a specific module. To enroll for a module with a prerequisite module, you must at least be eligible to sit for the final exam of that prerequisite module (i.e. at least grade I for the prerequisite module).

co-requisite module means a module that a student must take at the same time along with another module.

You may refer the prerequisite/co-requisite module list given here.

What are the modules with 100% continuous assessment?

The modules that have NO final written exams are considered as modules with 100% continuous assessment. You may refer module list here.

I have a grade lower than a C for a module with 100% continuous assessment, when do I have to register to upgrade my grade?​​​​​

You must register at the beginning of the semester for modules with 100% continuous assessment (CA) even if you have a grade C-, D or I. You are NOT allowed to register for 100% CA modules as a repeat exam.

I have a grade I for a module with a final written exam. Do I need to do a repeat registration for the full module?

No. If the module has a final written exam, you only need to register for the final written exam as a repeat candidate.

Can I enroll for modules while enrolled for Training, or vice versa?

No, you are not allowed to follow modules while undergoing  the Training.

Do I need to pay for repeat registration of a module?

Yes, you must pay if it is not a first-time registration. In a situation where a student could not register for modules as previously being blocked due to academic probation or ineligible for prerequisite modules, then they are not required to make a payment.

Payment details are as follows:

  • Rs.50/= for the first module
  • For additional modules at the rate of Rs.20/= per module.

As an example, Rs.90/= should be paid for 3 modules (Rs.50 + Rs.20+ Rs.20).

Do I need to pay for repeat exam registration?

Yes, you must pay for repeat exam registration.Even if you have received academic concession for the exam, still you must make the payment.

Payment details are as follows:

  • Rs.50/= for the first module
  • For additional modules at the rate of Rs.20/= per module.

As an example, Rs.90/= should be paid for 3 modules (Rs.50 + Rs.20+ Rs.20).

What is an academic Warning/Probation?

If the student’s Semester Grade Point Average falls between 1.99 and 1.50 the student will be placed on Academic Warning.

Any student with a Semester Grade Point Average less than 1.50 will be placed on Academic Probation.

Academic Probation and/or Academic Warning may be withdrawn when the relevant Semester Grade Point Average is upgraded to 2.00 or more. 

A student on Academic Warning or Academic Probation will not be allowed to carry any additional academic load.

Refer Section 5.4 – Unsatisfactory Standing and Academic Probation.

Why I am not permitted to enroll for a new module (due to poor academic performance)?

A student who falls into one of the following categories due to failure to upgrade the Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) will not be permitted to register for a new module until the SGPA improves as required.

  1. SGPA < 1.50 in any two semesters (2 Probations)
  2. SGPA < 1.50 in any semester and 1.50≤ SGPA < 2.00 in any two semesters (1 probation & 2 warnings)
  3. 1.50 ≤ SGPA < 2.00 in any four semesters (4 warnings)

Refer Section 5.4 – Unsatisfactory Standing and Academic Probation.

I am not eligible to register for a semester due to my poor academic performance. I have upgraded my results by doing repeat exams (removed a warning/probation). Can I apply for late registration?

You will be allowed to do a late registration for a semester if and only if you complete requirements for registration based on results of examinations held prior to commencement of that semester. 

Make sure that you have attended the lectures and did the assignments of the modules that you wish to apply for late registration.

You must submit a request to FAC. Please use the Form 03 to submit the FAC request.

I have completed the graduation requirements. However, I have a grade F or I for an additional elective (even NT) module I did (which exceeds the required number of credits to graduate). Still, do I need to pass those modules with grade F or I?

No. You can graduate without passing those additional modules you have done exceeding the graduation requirement. However, the grade F or I would appear in your transcript.


What should I do if I miss an examination?

The student/ parent/ guardian should inform the SAR Examinations within 7 days that he/ she is sick and unable to sit the examination by telegram, email, registered letter or a fax and submit a valid Medical Certificate covering the period of the examination within 01 (one) calendar month after the last date of the examination. Refer Section 15.1–Procedure for Academic Concessions in By-Law 15



How should I get the approval to go overseas during academic semesters?

Senate approval should be obtained by applying through FAC (Refer Procedure for Handling Student Requests). Leave application form is available here.

As supporting documents attach the invitation letter, air-ticket, bio-data page of the passport and VISA approval page of the passport.

Also, it is your duty to cover the missed academic activities.



Whom should I contact for matters related to academic work?

You shall discuss with your Academic Advisor.

How to submit a request to FAC?

Please refer the work flow given here. It is important to use the correct form to make the appeal/request to the FAC.

The duly completed form with the relevant supporting documents must be submitted to the Dean's Office on or before the 2nd Friday of the month to be considered at the FAC of the same month.