1236588_576733675698599“Serving humanity through electronics”

Electronics Club, now affectionately known as the E-club is the official student association of the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, University of Moratuwa. Established over two decades ago, E-club has grown from strength to strength over the years.  Many activities are carried out by the students of the club focusing on community service as well as professional development. Through these activities, the students learn to be responsible to the others and they improve their soft skills and the leadership skills.  Some of the annual activities are listed below.

1240627_576725389032761_663764965E-Forum is a platform where the students, faculty, government and industry come together. The forum is very much appreciated by all and the common challenges the industry has come to face are discussed at the forum. The results are always beneficial for all.

Sri Lankan Robotics Challenge (SLRC), formally known as iNexus is organized annually by the E-club in collaboration with IIT-Bombay. The event which brings an international experience for all, is open for all the students country wide; university and school students. The winners represent Sri Lanka at International Robotics Challenge.

1471956_624812390890727_2084907538Expose is an exhibition at the department, where students showcase their knowledge, skills to the outer world. The new ideas and inventions of the students are grabbed by the industry and the market with excitement and enthusiasm.

E Carrier magazine is the official annual publication of the Electronic Club and is much awaited every year. The publication, which recently obtained ISSN certification, shares the knowledge and ideas of the department community with the rest of the world.

1525575_637415919630374_438258908Workshops and sessions are frequently organized by the E-Club with the specialists in the field invited to motivate the undergraduates by sharing their experiences. These provide the opportunity for the students to learn about new technology and novel trends.

E-care is an annual event to lend a helping hand to children in need. The students in the club work hard to spread their knowledge and energy to help the school children. With the financial support of the graduates and the staff, necessities at schools are fulfilled along with days filled with fun and exposure.

1724100_662871913751441_495137823Tronic Premiere League is the cricket festival of the department. A fun filled exciting event, TPL brings together the department community together via friendly cricket matches.

E-Night is an evening filled with music, drama and laughter. The students and the staff enjoy this evening immensely and are always waiting impatiently for the next event.

Tronic Padura is new addition of the E-Club where the staff and the students enjoy an evening of classical music. The talents of the students and the staff in singing and playing are very much appreciated by all in these evenings.