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This web page serves the purpose of providing a centralized access to documents that are important to enhance and sustain the quality of the academic programmes of the Faculty of Engineering.

Help improve and sustain the quality of the academic programmes of Faculty of Engineering through: (1) increasing the transparency, (2) providing easy access to documents by authorized persons, (3), facilitating decentralized and timely management of documents, (4) increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of document management, and (5) decentralizing the responsibility and accountability of document management.

Accessibility & Security:
While this web page and its child pages serve as interfaces to access documents, all documents reside in the University's DMS. Therefore, all the documents are inherently assured the same security level of the DMS. There is a hierarchical accessibility to documents as described below. 

Note: This system is still in its development stage. Accessibility will be finalized only after having a discussion with heads of departments 

Faculty-Level Access:
The official DMS logging accounts of the Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Dean/ Engineering, Director QAC, and Director FQAC have the access to view the module files of modules offered by the faculty of engineering and offered to the faculty of engineering. 

Department-Level Access:
The official DMS logging account of the Head of Department and QA Coordinator have the access to view and edit the content of all departmental documents (module files and other relevant documents). The same two persons of a department has the access to view the module files of any module offered to the students of the respective department either by another department or by another faculty.  

Module-Level Access:
The module coordinator and the main examiner, if it differs from the module coordinator, have the access to view and edit the content of their respective modules. QAC takes the responsibility of modifying the access of module coordinator/ main examiner of modules every semester based on the official examiner & moderator appointments for a semester.

Reviewer-Level Access:
Reviewers will be provided with temporary access to the required folders for the review process. The reviewers are members of institutional review panels, members of programme review panels, member accreditation review panels, and external reviewers to departments.

Access to Departments:
Please select the department from the drop list to visit department’s web page.

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Note: Only the web pages of Department of Civil Engineering and Department of Textile and Clothing Technology are up and running at this stage.